Portal features

Use the menu on the left to navigate through the portal. All menu items and their functionality are explained below.

The dashboard

On the dashboard you see an overview of your projects. A progress bar shows the ratio between provisioned size passports with and without a scan.


Size Passports

The main size passport page is a merely a read-only interface to view the full detail of the size passport:

  • Alias
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Notes
  • Body measurements
  • Size advice

Because the height has a large influence on both measurements and size advice it is possible to change it in this view. Simply click the height and it will become editable, press enter to save.

You can easily filter passports from the list by typing a part of the name or alias in the search field. To refresh the list, click the reload button, very convenient when using the app and the portal simultaneously.

To manage a size passport, you need to navigate to the management > size passport page.

  • Add a new size passport
  • Alter the details of the passport
  • Link the passport with specific garments or collections


In order to provide a size advice to a size passport, properly configured garments are required.

Conversion tables

Add new garments and configure the conversion table. The conversion table is used to translate the body measurements from the scan to a garment size.

Garment Bundles

Garment bundles are a group of garments that are related to each other. It can be the production name, year of manufacturing,…

Garment Groups

Garment groups are a group of garments which have a overlapping measurement. You can group these and create a Decisive Measure Type to decide which garment will fit the best. For example: Trouser with the same waist and hip but different leg lengths. Leg length will then be the decisive measure type.



Make sure to understand the basic concepts first.


In this area there is a list of your customers. You can add new customers and link them to new projects.


Under your ROOT customer you can create and manage the necessary customs fields. This can only be done by the main user



This is a list of all your projects. You can add new or edit existing projects



Here is an overview of all your passports for each project. You can edit or add passports. There is also the option to link specific garments or collections for each passport.



View and manage all your users. Each user can be set with specific rules following below schedule.


None:Default, no role
SS:Scan Specialist
PM:Project Manager
PA:Public Admin
PO:Public Owner
Feature Subfeatures NONE SS PM PA PO
Login Workwear app X X X X X
Portal X X X X X
Dashboard View linked projects X X X X X
View all projects     X X X
View license info       X X
Passports View X X X X X
  • create scan
  • edit size
  • (un)link garments
  • edit details
  X X X X
  • create + (un)link
  • update
  X X X X
  • delete
  • export 3D data
      X X
Garments View     X X X
  • CRUD garments
  • CRUD bundles
  • CRUD groups
  • CRUD conversions
      X X
Projects View ALL projects       X X
View LINKED projects X X X X X
Export data   X L X L X A X A
  • CRUD projects
  • (un)link users
  • (un)link garments
  • CRUD collections
    X X X
Customers View     X X X
  • CRUD customers
    X X X
Custom body fields       X  
Company settings       X X
Import Garments     X X X
Passports     X X X
Collections       X X
Users View       X X
Update       X X
Create       X X



When you have all the required data available in a database or in structured files, you can easily import this into our portal. The import module of the portal supports the import of CSV files and helps mapping your columns to their QuantaCorp equivalents.


The CSV file(s) must be UTF-8 encoded


The following data can be imported by dragging and droppping your file into the drop zone of your selected project

  • Passports
  • Garments (with their Conversion Table)
  • Collections
  • Links between Collections and Passports

Select the file in your database and drag and drop it into the drop zone from your selected project.


Select the specific ‘blind to’ in the drop down menu to link it to your specific column. All parameters configurable on an passport in the app, can be set here. Column names may be different, however keeping consistent column names (passport alias, Crm iD, Firts name, Last name, Notes, Height, Gender) allows auto detection and decreases the mapping effort.

If a specific column does not need to be mapped, you can cancel the mapping by clicking on the Xsymbol symbol


A passport contains the name, alias, CRM iD,.. from a specific person together with the height and gender (CASE-SENSITIVE)

CSV example Passports

../_images/passports.PNG ../_images/importpassport.PNG

Save binding and import

Garments (with their Conversion Table)

Garments are configured together with their measurements. To import a garment, create a CSV file and give it the same name as the Garment you are importing. Example data is shown below:

CSV example Conversion Table - Yellow Jacket


Both alpha-numeric sizes as numerical sizes are supported:

CSV example Conversion Table - Yellow Jacket

../_images/garments1.PNG ../_images/importgarment1.PNG ../_images/importgarment2.PNG

Available measure_types are

  • Chest : chest_circ_max
  • Belly : custom_belly_circ
  • Waist : waist_circ_pref
  • Hips : hip_circ_max
  • Arm length : shoulder_to_wrist_length
  • HPS to wrist length : hps_to_wrist_length
  • Inside leg : crotch_height
  • Neck : neck_circ_base
  • Volume Torso : volume_torso
  • Volume Body : volume_body
  • Back length : waist_back_length
  • Thigh : thigh_circ_max
  • Shoulder breadth : shoulder_breadth_bideltoid
  • Shoulder to shoulder : shoulder_breadth_biacromial
  • Back width : interscye_distance_stand
  • Trouser waist : trouser_waist
  • HPS to shoulder : hps_to_shoulder

Save binding and import


Collections group Garments together. This is a list containing the name of the Collection and the Garment that must be assigned to it. The Garment must already exist (created with CSV as above or imported manually) and linked to your porject.


CSV example Collections:

../_images/collections1.PNG ../_images/importcollections.PNG

Save binding and import

Links between Collections and Passports

It is possible to create Passports and Collections during the same import session. You need to provide both the Passports CSV as the Collections CSV. If the Collections already exist, only the collection_name header must be specified in the Passport CSV. Linking a Passport to a Collection is optional, you can drop this column if you don’t configure any linkage.

CSV example Collections and Passports

../_images/passports+collections.PNG ../_images/importpassportcollection.PNG

Save binding and import