Basic Concepts

To start working with the QuantaCorp system it is important understand the basic concepts. This document will show you the different services and applications of the QuantaCorp solution and explain the used terminology and applied concepts.

Your startingpoint

Being able to use the QuantaCorp system, you are being a User. As a user you will be linked to your company. The main purpose of a user, is being able to identify you on the QuantaCorp platform. You can use your user to login on the portal, the mobile app and the API.


But your account is still empty now. Before you can start scanning you have some provisioning to do: you need to define a project.

Managing your Projects

Projects allow a logical and maintainable grouping of your data.

The three main players of a project are:

  • The company managing the project
  • The company supplying the clothes
  • The company buying the fitted clothes

Projects are built to reflect the real world. A project is started by a company, probably your company, we call it the Initiator. He wants to sell fitting clothing to a second company called the Customer. The clothes available within the project are defined by a third company the Supplier.


The supplier is not required to be a different company than the customer. In fact the initiator, supplier and customer can all three be te same company.


A project is by default only visible to the user who created the project and the Customer admins. Other users linked with the initiator can be added later.

Can I start scanning now?

A scan consist of 2 pictures of a person: one from the front and one from the side, and the resulting body measurements. A scan is linked to a real person via a Size Passport. A Size Passport contains the following data

  • Alias
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Notes
  • Scans with the person measurements and size advices

A passport is independent from the use of the body measurements. It is the most basic entity, combining the data of a real person and the data collected from its scan.

Passports belong to a Customer Company. As those passports represent people working at that company. Before you can start scanning you need to create a project for that Customer Company and link the relevant passports.

In practice you would first create a Customer Company, then create a Project and then add Passports. Passports added to a project automatically belong to the Customer Company and are linked to the project.

Scans are linked to a project. So no scan-data is transferred between projects.


The good news: you are ready to start scanning! Add a passport to your project and start scanning.

Will it fit?

QuantaCorp provides an advanced service that determines a persons clothing size. To use this service the system requires the configuration of garments. Garment management is the role of the supplier. The first layer of configuration is 1 garment, with its conversion table. A conversion table defines the relation between the measurements of a garment and a standard size, for example: S, M, L or 50, 52, 54. The process of determining the correct size a person can wear is called: matching. Matching uses a the body measurements from a Size Passports and the conversion table of a garment to determine a matching size.

To group garments that are related to each other a supplier can create garmentbundles. The term is multipurpose because these groups have no predefined link. It can be the year of production, a functional link, etc.

Garmentbundles are convenient for suppliers, but a lot of garments are probably not in scope of the specific project. The initiator must activate the garments required for the project. This creates a second level where garment grouping is possible. At project level, the grouping is most likely not te same as the suppliers garmentbundles. A project can have a set of collections, that are specific to the project.


Multiple suppliers are supported. This means that a collection can contain garments from different suppliers.


By default a Size Passports within a project will get a size advice for all active garments within the project. When not every size passport needs the same set of clothing, it is possible to link a size passport to specific garments or collections. The size advice will then be limited to the preselected garments.