Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It is as easy as taking a picture! Once a scan -subject has been created (just name and height indication) you simply press the button scanbutton in the lower right corner, position the person in the outline, take the front scan, take the side scan and that’s it. Results are instant (<10sec)

Does the app help me when taking scans?

Yes! we aim to build an application that avoids the possibilty of taking a ‘bad’ scan. Currently two features are available. When using the 3D sensor [faq_x] , there’s an indication (green or red) in the feet and arms to show you to move into the correct position. Once the overlay or silhouet is completely green, you can take a scan using the scanbutton. A second feature is the tilt control that validates that the iPad is kept upright.

[faq_x]press the button in the lower right corner when you’re in the picture viewer

What happens to the scan/picture taken by the application?

We do not keep or store the pictures after processing, unless explicitly stated for research or demo purposes.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, either by mobile connection using a built in sim-card or through your mobile phone or using the on premise Wifi network. The app connects to our server that stores and executes all the calculations.

How can I obtain the measurements other than consulting them in the mobile app?

All results will be available on our online portal which is only accesible with your personal account. It allows you to manage all scan-subjects and scans taken. Measurements can be exported to the desired formatted in a structured way. We also have a REST compliant API available for developers.

Is it fast?

We aim to deliver instant results in less the 10 seconds.

Am I obliged to use/activate the 3D sensor?

Yes. If the 3D sensor is not working or is not connected, it will be impossible to take a scan. Therefore a good advice is to always charge your iPad and 3D sensor together!

What size conversion table do you use?

The one you need! Size conversion tables are often brand/ company specific so we implented your deisred conversion tabel in your account.

Can we order/fabricate the floormat that is used?

First of all, a scan can be taken without the floormat. The floormat is just a tool to make it easier. This footmat is by no means a hard requirement or so called ‘marker’ for the system to work, however QuantaCorp can only support customers that respect the below specifications in case there are possible problems that are caused by the footmatt.

The footmat is designed in the following manner
  • Our footmat is printed on a vinyl matt of 700mm by 500mm.
  • Specs Print material: Vutek GS_UVC on Floorvinyl Type 1
  • Black border: 2,5cm
  • Top of red feet (and grey left foot): 16cm from front side (= where the logo is)
  • Heel of red feet: 5cm from back side of mat
  • Widest part of the right feet: 12cm to 22,5cm
  • Widest part of the right feet: 47,5cm to 58cm
  • Top of grey right foot: 27,5cm (this is doesn’t have to be as accurate)
  • Grey feet are centered between the red feet.

Can we order extra fitting stations?

Yes, you can. Contact us through our servicedesk by sending us your quote request. We will contact you with our offer.

You don’t find your answer in the FAQ?

Please contact us so we can help you further.