Installation and set-up hardware


You will recieve a fully configured iPad with the QuantaCorp app installed.

3D Sensor

The 3D sensor is already mounted on the bracket when you receive the fitting station. Below you can see how to mount the 3D sensor and bracket correclty on the iPad.

To attach the precision bracket with aluminium latch to your iPad, start by sliding the bracket plus structure sensor onto the top of your iPad, making sure that the aluminium latch is in its open position.


As soon as you have firmly seated on top of your iPad, and you have ensured that the hole in the bracket is centered around the iPad camera, close the latch by pressing down on it with your thumb.


Connect the supplied lightning cable by connecting it to your structure sensor first.


As shown in the above images, the wider end of the cable connects to your structure sensor, and the gold-colored pins should be facing up as you plug it into the structure sensor. Connect the other end of the cable (with the Apple lightning connector) into your iPad.

Your structure sensor is now connected to your iPad!

Installation and login app

The QuantaCorp app is available via the Apple App Store.


To be able to connect to the QuantaCorp platform, an internet connection is required. After installation you can use your username and password to login.


By default during the provisioning of your account, an empty project is created for you. You can immediatly start with adding Size Passports.

The view settings and your user details, click the account button in the top right corner.


Select a project

To change the current project, click the name of the current project in the top left corner. The next view will show the available projects. To start scanning for a specific project click the start scanning button. It is not possible to manage projects within the mobile app. This needs to be done through the portal


Managing Size Passports


Use the plus sign on top of the Size Passport list to get the Add Passport Form.


The alias is a required identifier within the Customer company. It has no format restrictions but being unique.

The height is the second required parameter, the others are optional. After saving, the passport overview is shown with he newly created passport activated


In the size passport field it is possible to link garments or edit sizes and quantities. Just click on the pencil, next to the garment you want to edit, to change the size.


Taking a perfect scan with ease

To start scanning select the size passport you want to scan. Click the scan button scanbutton in the bottom right corner. The next view will load the scanning interface.

The user interface

The scanning interface contains the following components

Overlay Guide:

This overlay will guide you to correctly position the person you want to scan.

Enable 3D:

When you have a Structure Sensor connected you can use this button for enhanced scanning. The requirements for background contrast and lighting are less strict.


To handles privacy issues, this button will automatically blur a persons face.

Scan button:

Takes a scan, a switches to the next view. A scan consists of two views, front and side. You will need this button in both views. When the button is gray you cannot take a scan due to an unmet requirement like:

  • Tablet is not properly positioned
  • To close to a wall [x]
  • Person to close or too far [x]
[x](1, 2) only with 3D enabled

Requirements of a good scan

Controlling the environment

  • Empty floor, only floormat (optional). You can use the QuantaCorp floormat as a tool for this. See FAQ for more info
  • Stand in front of a clear wall. Do not scan in corners or next to closets

Position of the tablet

Keep the iPad upright. It must make a 90° angle with the floor. Kneeling down or sitting on a chair makes this easier. As mentioned before an incorrect angle will disable the scan button.

The gray button will move within the red circle to indicate the incorrect angle. The gray button must be positioned in the center.


Tilted to much toward the ground


Tilted to much toward the ceiling

If the iPad is not in the correct position, a warning will pop up on the screen.

Pose of the person

The person you are scanning must fit the red overlay guide!


The person must stand in an A-pose. Standing upright with arms and legs spread. The distance between the tips of the feet is approximately 35cm (13,7 inch)



The person must stand upright looking to its right. Arms tight to the body and feet kept together.


General requirements

  • empty pockets (wallets, cellphones, keys, …)
  • wear hair in a knot, so the neckline is not covered
  • limit clothing to 1 layer, take of jackets and coats
  • tuck your shirt into your trousers
  • wear normal clothing, dungarees and wedding dresses are not supported

When all requirements are met, the button will turn green and you can take a scan.

One pager manual


Off-line Scanning

Up to version 1.3.0 the app is depending on a continuous, perfect internet connection. This often seems not to be a feasibel requirement. Proper WiFi or cellular is not always available and frequently have questionalbe performance. In version 1.3.0 we consider the iPad as an occasionaly connected device. In this section we explain what the impact is of this change on your day to day scanning.

With good internet available

This scenario resembles best how the app used to work. All changes in the app are synced to the QuantaCorp Cloud as you work with it.

With poor internet

You will not notice this using the app. Syncing with the QuantaCorp Cloud will be slow or postponed. This means that the changes made in the app will not be reflected on the portal immediatl.

Without internet

When ther is no internet available, it is still possible to handle the app. Adding passports, taking scans, … stay available. There is only one thing you need to take into account: to be able to use a project offlinem you first need the sync it at a location with a proper internet connection. Once synced, there are no limitations. To do this, there is a sync button on the project page.